good news

my scheming paid off. the new receptionist starts tomorrow.

(right now you’re saying … “huh?!”)

our librarian gave notice three weeks ago. ever since then i have made it abundantly clear that not only am i perfectly qualified for the position, but that i would be terrific at it. however, the position was (a) part-time, not full-time, and (b) paying considerably less than i am currently making.

sarah has been pulling for me since she found out i wanted this, and even went so far as to work with my boss to change the librarian position to full-time at my current salary. yesterday three candidates interviewed for the receptionist spot, and one of them accepted her offer today.

i want my promotion letter in my grubby little paws before i do the dance of joy joy joy. that won’t happen until tomorrow. but i couldn’t wait one more minute before blurting out my good news … !

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