hebbie jebbies

i just recovered from a computer outage! one of the i.s. dudes was upgrading my virus scanning software and accidentally changed the display settings to something that the monitor did not like, not one bit, so it wouldn’t display anything, meaning he had to take it away and hook it up to another monitor to fix it.

shhh … i am cheating on the tad williams book with house of leaves. i actually can justify this by the fact that the williams book got accidentally carried off by chad in the black bag he takes to work. this book is giving me the hebbie jebbies and i am only on page ten.

(no, “hebbie jebbies” is not a southern pronunciation. back in the meadville days, after rehearsals we would spend hours drinking coffee and talking and smoking cigarettes at perkins family restaurant. my friend tamara was trying to tell me something during one of these late-night sessions, and instead of whispering it to me, she decided to write it on a napkin. she wrote, carefully: that guy gives me the hebbie jebbies. i thought this was such a funny misspelling that i used it whenever i could.)

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