l.a. in a day

one day is really not enough time to do any major city justice, but we sure as hell tried yesterday, in los angeles. it was a one-day whirlwind tour, but i believe we got to see at least a little of it, and we definitely had fun.

tuesday morning we were up horribly early, even early for me, which is saying quite a bit these days. we flew out of oakland, which is admittedly less of a hassle than san francisco international, but only marginally so. we made the flight, and i promptly fell asleep.

mish and ryan were waiting for us at l.a.x. that’s just a great feeling, stepping off a plane and being immediately among friends. we went to breakfast in santa monica – i had spectacular eggs benedict with smoked salmon, yum – and chatted a while before they dropped us off at the hotel where my mom and her boyfriend were staying.

tuesday afternoon we wandered the santa monica pier, saw muscle beach, took a taxi tour of beverly hills, and generally had a nice, relaxed visit. around five o’clock we got ready for the screening, and took another taxi – this time a huge dodge van – on topanga canyon road to the panavision theatre. yes, panavision. yes, there were real live academy awards in the display cases. we milled about the wine and cheese and mingled with the director, co-producer, and some of the other actors, and then went into the screening …

wow. what can i say except my mom is already a star. “the secret” is a wonderful film and i won’t give anything away because you’re going to get to see it yourselves. i have seen my mom perform onstage in just about every role a person can play, and this is by far her strongest performance yet. i am so excited for the world to see her in this movie. chad and i just beamed with pride the whole time. she was in turns funny and cold, endearing and caustic, and the whole experience was just incredible. the entire cast is strong, the writing is good, the story is captivating … wow. i’m just bursting.

after that, we said our goodbyes to mom and tom since they were rushing off to the airport, and mish and ryan picked us up once more. the four of us went to the hard rock café and had a late dinner. some drinks, too. oops. it’s not like we had to work today or anything. d’oh! shortly after we left the café i started crashing, and crashed hard as soon as we got to mish and ryan’s apartment, despite the fact that they live in such a nice place and with three cute kitties to boot.

a few hours later, mish woke us – god, that was painful – so i scraped myself up out of bed and got ready while chad caught a few extra minutes of sleep. it took an hour, all told, to get us moving and ready to go, and mish even made me coffee (which was very good, her first time even). she drove us to the airport as we chatted sleepily, then dropped us off and we hustled inside and were basically shoved onto the plane as they were closing the doors. cheerful united morning people.

the flight back was uneventful. we got robbed by long-term parking fees which made us even grumpier. we stopped at home, chad left for work, i changed clothes and caught a bus downtown. and here i am. oof.

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