it’s called “violin jazz”

i had no idea that there was such a thing. today at lunch – yes, i went with the gang – we ate outside and listened to the violin jazz quartet, which did include a violin, an electric guitar, a bass guitar, and keyboards. they were playing outside, as part of the “people in plazas” outdoor concert series. did i mention how wonderful san francisco is yet today? it is.

o, you cynics will say that all big cities have this sort of thing going on, but i have no time for you at all.

lunch was actually enjoyable, which makes me wonder where i really stand on the whole coworkers-as-friends issue. it’s definitely more about the group dynamic than it is about the individuals, that’s for sure. more cogitation needed.

i forgot how quickly tad williams hustles me through his stories. i’m already to page 128 and i haven’t even been reading all that often. mostly today i have been organizing my bookmarks and also doing some research for a coworker on designing surgery facilities. the latter is surprisingly fascinating; the former is obviously engrossing.

one of my coworkers has me hooked on ginger candy, or “ting ting jahe” as the label says. it’s sweet and spicy, like, well duh, gingerbread. wonderful stuff. he is my supplier, sneaking pieces out from the inside pocket of his leather jacket, sliding them across my glass-topped desk.

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