sole coughing

hell-fuckin’-yeah. (i love it when people say that. it doesn’t really translate here, but i still love it.) we will get to see mish and ryan in los angeles next week, albeit briefly, which is unexpected coolness.

the bus was weird this morning. it was a different bus, with the same driver, and the regular seats went up to the front, which means the sideways-seats were pushed just past the middle, near the back of the bus. this confused me way too much – i am quite used to chatting the trip away with the driver – so i read my book and tried not to fall asleep.

considering the fact that i was so cranky before bed i thought i wouldn’t sleep at all, and only really got about four hours anyway, i am incredibly cheerful. yesterday morning i got to chat with some of my online peeps that i rarely see anymore, and the rest of the holiday was spent dozing off on the couch between a page or two of tad williams. we did actually get out of the house in the evening, pondering the fair again for the fireworks but ending up at “the patriot” which i will not even link to because it was awful. they took three hours and went through every american cliché in the universe. i started praying to the movie gods, please let them pass that one up. please. it was no use. no one in the movie had a normal nose, either. i know i do not speak from a vantage-point of nose normalcy, either, but at least mine doesn’t look like a mutant squash. the casting call must have required “distinguished features” which usually translates to weird noses – i should know.

anyway, we were just about the only people in the movie theatre. there were three other people: one man, sitting alone in back, and two females, sitting about three rows behind us. one minute into the movie, one of the women started coughing. it was a dry cough, but pretty loud. i felt bad for her because i’ve had that sort of tickle in my throat, and i know how annoying it can be to have to excuse yourself from a theatre to go get some water, clear your throat, stop the coughing.

that’s what you do, right? …right?

three fucking hours. she did not leave. she did not get water. she did not get a cough drop or a tracheotomy. she fucking sat there and coughed every five seconds for three fucking hours.

what could we do? after about two hours, chad and i started laughing silently. there was nothing else to do. the movie was so bad and the woman wasn’t going to stop coughing and she wasn’t going to leave. the whole thing was so ridiculous. people are really this clueless, this careless; this really happens; this doesn’t have to happen and it does. we just laughed.

(this entry’s title courtesy of punmaster chad.)

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