cawfee tawk

it’s possible that, among all of life’s daily pleasures, my favorite is my cup of coffee in the morning. granted, it is a little later right now (quarter-past eleven) than it usually is (quarter-to six) but the coffee is still as strong, still as sweet and pungent. right now, i’m drinking it in a black lucasarts mug, and if i were a conscientious bride-of-lucasarts, i’d be wearing my matching black lucasarts t-shirt, too. but i’m not. instead – and you can’t even see this on cam, unfortunately – i am in an old, battered, cut-off sweatshirt that reads: if all the world’s a stage, i want better lighting.

so i did get to go home early yesterday, an hour and a half early to be exact, which felt wonderful. i caught the 16:19 and got home earlier than i would be leaving work. dan was already here, and the three of us chatted a bit before the topics drifted to computer games that i don’t play, and my attention wandered to the insides of my eyelids. naptime.

i finished the eggers book at lunch yesterday. i can’t decide if i liked it or not. it feels like i just broke up with someone, and i’m not to the part where you play old songs and reminisce bittersweetly; i’m still at the “god you fucked me over” stage and it’s not pretty. so at risk of un-recommending a book that really should be recommended, i will set this whole eggers fiasco aside for a bit and come back to it later, when i am older, wiser, and with a new book-boyfriend.

which brings me to my new book-boyfriend! i have been so good, so very good, and i hope you see this. i held out for ages because i did not want to read the third book of tad williams’ “otherland” series just yet. i wanted to wait until it came out in paperback, because that’s at least a fair midpoint between the release of the hardcover of the last one, and the release of the hardcover of the new one. i hate chomping at the bit for a new book in a series to come out (c.f. “the wheel of time” series, back when i cared). but the books are piling up, and i had one of those “i will never read all these books before i die” moments yesterday, so here we go: tad, take me to your mountain of black glass.

last night lasagne was wonderful. dan had to leave early but i still made rice krispies treats, and since i suck at it, they turn out instead of flat, even bars into some sort of lunar landscape in the glass pan, which really makes me love it more. this way, you can cut it with a knife, civilly, but it’s really necessary to get knuckle-deep in the mallow mire. then you have something to show for your trouble, eh? it’s not just a snack; it’s an event.

the icq messages are getting more worrisome. why on earth would anyone want to shave zen?

chad is still asleep. he had to replace his cd-rom drive and although that part went fine, the updating the bios part did not. he was up till five this morning, restoring it. boy, i’m glad i never have the audacity to try and fix anything on my pc.

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