i’m sleepy and distracted, so this recap of the weekend will be short:

the marin county fair was lots of fun. chad and i went after i got home from work on friday night and wandered around for a few hours. we got an excellent view of the opening-night fireworks over the little lake, which was as beautiful as it sounds. we had caramel apples, evoking the little county fair in upstate new york that we snuck into on our very first date, way back in september of ‘95. caramel apples then too. as we left the fair friday night, chad surprised me with a tiny sterling-silver swan charm that he had picked out while i was distracted with some other sparkly thing.

the 22nd annual lucasfilm picnic was also lots of fun. we ate, walked around, socialized with chad’s coworkers, and took pictures, and that is about it. i made the bad footwear choice of “platform sandals” and nearly sprained my ankle right after we got out of the car and were entering the ranch, but all those dance lessons must have paid off because i recovered and avoided major injury. who knows where i got the great idea of wearing platform sandals to a ranch. i’m such a dumbass sometimes …

right after that, we came home and got ready for “les mis”. we took a bus into the city, which dropped us off just a few blocks from the theatre. the production was amazing, even better than i remembered it, and i leaked during “bring him home” – we couldn’t believe that the actor who played jean valjean was the usual valjean’s understudy … good grief. he was terrific. we had a quick snack afterwards at some 24-hour dive and then took a bus back home. gabbed the whole way, about the show and about other stuff. i napped, too. the bus is some sort of soporific.

today was quite lazy. we got up late, decided on grocery shopping, ended up in a target in novato, looking at bikes. (we both really want very simple, run-of-the-mill bicycles. unfortunately, they only make two kinds: cheap-ass and professional cyclist.) we had lunch and then chad took me to see his office, finally! i don’t think i’m allowed to tell you what it looked like. they have a lot of rules about what you can and can’t divulge, shit like that, it’s so james-bond i can’t stand it. (in a good way. i’ve always wanted to work for someplace like that.)

now we are home and with the remnants of the sunday will attempt to get something done – for me that means laundry. woo. chad will go to the grocery store tomorrow, since he has the day off. dan is coming over in the evening for our company and lasagne, not in that order.

o, and i forgot to mention that i got the july/august issue of poets & writers in the mail on friday. right there on the cover, whose name do i see? dave eggers. he’s stalking me!

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