looking forward to

the marin county fair, tonight. i have been instructed to ride the zipper, which to me sounded vaguely obscene, making it all the better. (“the zipper” is really some sort of medieval-torture-device-turned-amusement-park-ride, which is just the sort of thing i go for at these county fair deals. you know, the whole “am i going to die because someone neglected to bolt this shit down properly” rush.)

… the annual lucasarts company picnic, saturday afternoon. yea, and they shall party with the george himself, forsooth, verily, etc. etc.

“les misérables”, saturday night. chad’s first, my fourth – need i say more?

and we haven’t even gotten to sunday yet! i’ll save that for later, though. i’m not sure if my possible-plans will turn into actual-plans and i don’t want to jinx them.

i have to blame my lack of journal-writing on something, and so i will blame it on dave eggers. dave eggers wrote a heartbreaking work of staggering genius which is distracting me from my miles-long reading list and everything else, for that matter. it’s that good. dave eggers also does other cool stuff, and i’m compiling a folder of eggers-ish bookmarks to document this fact. i will then use this folder of bookmarks as my handwritten note from my parents: halsted did not write much in her journal this week because she was consumed by eggers.

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