so there is assorted coolness and assorted weirdness at work. coolness first: the library here is so hip. it became more hip on monday when i was encouraged by our librarian to take my pick of the samples she was sending back to the manufacturers. these samples are 1’ by 1’ pieces of fabric, 4” by 4” by ½” pieces of marble, and 3’ by 2’ pieces of carpet. rock on! i took four of the prettiest marble pieces home, along with some plain, sturdy fabric, and made coasters out of them, since we didn’t have any. i also brought some of the carpet samples which turned rather handily into doormats, bathmats, under-computer-desk-mats. then there are the fabric samples i brought home just because they were too cool to pass up. so now i am looking for craft projects that call for random pieces of thick (upholstery-ish) fabric. the natural suggestion is “quilting” but it would have to be a really random quilt …

the weirdness: i got here this morning, as i usually do, at 07:30, and unlocked the doors, hung my coat up, did the usual turning on of lights, logging in of workstation, blah-de-blah, until i noticed the two mangled coat-hangers by my desk. in a v-formation. just sort of … hanging out. (you understand i couldn’t have passed that one up, not even if i tried.) mangled in the form you might see used by someone trying to, o, i dunno, break in somewhere. but nothing looks broken in. and they were arranged rather artistically. so i talked to lou, the cool building guy, who knows nothing, then sent out an office-wide email about them. one of my coworkers suggested they were voodoo hexes; another stated he is sure they are part of a political art installation, decrying illegal abortion. you can see just how helpful these people are going to be. and i adore them for it.

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