hot again

this morning i took a hot shower in my own bathroom. while this may not seem like a modern miracle, it is for me, and my happy bathroom parts are now reconstituted into one discrete bathroom unit, which overjoys me.

the first monday we spent in the new place – three weeks and two days ago, now – i took a shower in my brand new bathroom. (it’s the bathroom off the bedroom, as opposed to chad’s bathroom, which is off the hallway.) it was not hot. not cold, either, just … tepid. the kind of water you use to wash your hands with when you don’t feel like really washing your hands, just dousing them with water in an attempt to annoy the germs. so, okay. i can deal with a tepid shower. i prefer my showers scalding, so that i can not only feel my pores opening but actually turning inside-out, but okay. tepid i can deal with.

it was the near-freezing water on tuesday that i couldn’t handle.

wednesday, my assorted soap and shampoo refugees had followed me into chad’s shower. and there we stayed, somewhat happily, basking in the hot water although never getting used to the confines of the trapezoidal stall, as my bruised elbows will hasten to mention. if elbows could mention anything.

chad, in usual chad form, took action and reported the water problem to the proper authorities, i.e. our landlords. they checked it out. turns out, we have no hot water running to that shower.

the previous tenants never noticed this? we marvel. how could this be? surely two people sharing an apartment would utilize both showers …

other tenants’ showering behaviors aside, mine was fixed yesterday, and i am thrilled to report as of this morning that the water is indeed sufficiently hot. thus unifying my bathroom once more. i like combined usefulness. pda and mobile phone? all right! yet gadgets are one thing; whole rooms are another. if someone asks, i want to be able to say, “yes, i have a room in which you may scald your naked body for self-disinfecting purposes, wash and rewash smaller bits of yourself, rifle through a handy built-in shelving system with reflective surfaces, and take care of other necessary yet unmentionable bodily functions! i have it right here!”

no one has asked yet. but they will. yes, they will.

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