catch up

on sunday, chad and i woke late – blissfully relearning the art of sleeping in – and journeyed to the mecca that is safeway. groceries were poked, prodded, carried, shaken, dropped, picked up again, dusted off, bought. lunchtime back at home, then out again, this time to the drugstore, in search of not drugs but doorstops. there are no doorstops in marin county. just a fyi. back home again, and a rousing bit of kitchen-cleaning and organizing did ensue. madrigals were sung, hands were held, cheeks were rosy … nah. it was just cleaning the damn kitchen.

some updating of our websites in the evening, and then a great homecooked meal, and fresh banana bread, curling up on the couch to watch “vertigo” or at least the expository bits, and then i was slack-jawed and drooling, snoring, chad nudging me and somehow i got to bed.

i like sundays.

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