everything i have done today has been uncomfortably slow, in context, since everyone else is moving at normal speeds. i can hear myself in slow-motion over the intercom, like there is a radio delay. bizarre.

also, my work voicemail passcode is suddenly, inexplicably no longer valid. i must sacrifice three virgins and my next break from the switchboard to appease the phone gods. the problem with the lesser gods, you see, is that they have nothing better to do but fuck with people’s voicemail.

pas and i missed each other last night. i called; he had a last-minute suarée to attend; he called back (i think) but i was sleeping the sleep of the dead, a/k/a people who get up at “the buttcrack of dawn”.

the cheery red light on my phone taunts me. i’m sorry, i do not recognize that passcode. bugger.

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