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tonight i call pas (the french word, pronounced “pah”) and bug him about his life. the last time i was in pennsylvania, we went to king’s family restaurant and i ate pierogies. i smoked, and he didn’t. now neither of us smokes, but i still like pierogies.

i loved acting alongside pas. here is pas hugging me after a production of “rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead”, written by tom stoppard. guess which character he was, and you get a prize i haven’t thought of yet. (i played gertrude.)


the fictional character that pas is most like is chandler bing from “friends”. he used to watch “star trek: the next generation” with me even though he didn’t like it, because i did. pas is a not-so-secret legomaniac, plays guitar, and makes very good hot chocolate. i knitted him a white scarf. he lent me a game of thrones and i still have it. i can tell him anything and he is never surprised.

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