hick on deck

so my most excellent chad forwards me e-things from work. usually they are announcements about the free movie screenings, of which we have seen several, because as you may agree, there’s nothing like seeing bad movies on the big screen (c.f. “battlefield earth”).

this morning, i get a forward from chad with the subject line of “sail the bay on SEAWALKER.”

the temptation to let out a good ol’ dixie whoop over the intercom was great. i resisted.

so let me get this straight: we sign up and FOR FREE we are sailed around the bay in a lovely sailboat by qualified lucas employee volunteers.

did i mention it’s free? it’s free. we’re going to go sailing for free.

i think i may have been sailing once, on lake erie, when i was in my teens, but that could have been wishful thinking. i am trying desperately to remember any other boating experiences (other than commuting by ferry, of course). i was on a gondola in venice with my parents nearly two decades ago, and i’ve been paddleboating in several different large-small watery bits …

but sailing is different. sailing is for classy people. anything you have to have special shoes for usually requires some sort of savoir faire. all i’ve got is élan; can i still go?

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