you’re wondering why i didn’t post an entry yesterday. i have a really good excuse! we did not spend much time idle yesterday. there was too much to do, and by god, we got it all done. we missed another free screening yesterday morning (this time, “shaft”) but neither of us minded much.

sure, in the middle of the living-room floor there’s a 20” monitor and a box of assorted peripherals we’re not sure what to do with, and the last two loads of laundry we need to do tonight, but that’s it. every closet in the house is stuffed to capacity; i’m convinced that if either of us sneeze, the whole place will explode.

our little townhouse is turning into a townhome! i wonder if that really is the distinction … probably not. anyway.

since it was father’s day, we called our fathers, and had good long conversations with each. i am so thankful to have such great relationships with my parents and my in-laws. so many people don’t; thankfully, i have never had to find out what that’s like.

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