chad is so tired, but we were going to attend a free screening of “titan a.e.” this morning, and i’m not sure whether or not to wake him. we both treasure our weekend sleep so much nowadays.

with that said, i slept in today until quarter to seven. that was my big saturday sleeping-in. six-blessed-forty-five in the morning. i appreciate that i’m turning into a boring old broad, but you’d think that i would at least be able to do so over a period of years instead of weeks.

so far as my contribution to last gnu-murnood-day, jack sent two golden dollars! i immediately gave one to chad, but i hoarded the plastic frogs. jack also sent moxy früvous’ “the c album”, and “squidodelic” by a band called squidly diddly. (like i could have made that up!) i will refrain from testing out the squidodelic sound before chad wakes up completely, though.

now, off to sit on the end of the bed and stare at him, just like zen does, until he wakes up.

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