on the dot

so freaky-me decides to clean her desk today. good thing gnat-long-attention-span-me stepped in after about an hour!

it’s much cleaner than it was, anyway. less detritus from past receptionist encounters.

the usual suspects figured on the mission for mexican food today, and since i can’t take extended lunches, i didn’t go with them. (i can take extended lunches, but technically i can’t – and i’m all about technic, baby.) plus, i don’t really like mexican food. i get into “cuisine moods” sometimes, and i am rarely ever in a mexican-cuisine mood. people say it is because i’ve never had good mexican food. these are also the sort of people who insist that i would really like camping, even though i have been camping, several times, and didn’t particularly enjoy it. what is it about these people?

at any rate, i spent the lunch hour in a bookstore, and decided that many lunch hours should be spent this way. it was really wonderful to browse a whole bookstore without anyone waiting for me to finish. i could have stayed hours and hours, fingers fluttering among the volumes of lit-crit, of non-fic, of maps. o, of maps …

i am on a mad, obsessive, cultish rampage right now, again, for t.s. eliot anything. chomp chomp chomp, i am ms. pacman on the dot dot dot, for t.s. eliot anything. send me more stuff i have no space for!

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