cut me some slack

it’s been so busy today i haven’t had time to slack off properly. for shame! let’s see what there is to report …

two designers keep toting a big white slab up and down the long hallway. on the slab are rows and rows of teeny fake trees. i want some.

lunch was in the sunshine again, although it is much cooler outside today than it was yesterday. i went out with the usual suspects, and we all sat by a fountain, enjoying the breeze and our food together.

i was distracted enough to forget all about my contribution to gnu-murnood-day! damn me. now i’m not sure i will have a break so i can run to the post office and find golden dollars. do you have golden dollars already? if so, gnu furyood!

the mail is here! delivered to my desk just now, a small white envelope! too bad i spent the morning creating mailing labels and stuffing envelopes, so i knew exactly what was in mine.

glory hallelujah of the day: my mobile phone is once again functional. so all you people who don’t have my number because i keep forgetting to give it out, go ahead and call! if you’re psychic. wait, if you’re psychic, why are you reading this?! cheater. talk to the hand, ‘cause dionne ain’t listenin’.

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.