and so i find myself entranced by rob’s amazing poem generator. ergazork sent me some generated poems, which spurred me into trying one from my own biographical blather. it produced the following:

separate a blizzard, premature, with surgical steel continuous hoops. My entrances this is a talismanic number for 11 years. later on, a talismanic number for extended periods. This has been described as well, far exceeding any I choose to refer to me especially since I have close friends and Wisconsin.

i’d love to see what interesting combinations turn up. try it and post yours in the comments to this entry.

tonight, sarah has invited me to her piano performance in santa rosa. i’ve never heard her play and i’ve never seen santa rosa, so it is doubly intriguing. we leave work a little early to make the trek up there. i should be quite sleepy, ears fat with half-notes by the time i get home, so i’ll write about it tomorrow.

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I give respect and reverence to those who came before me.