i bet you thought

… i disappeared. but i came back, see?

last night i was very negative by the time i got home. the bus scheduled right before mine did not show up (does this sound familiar?) and so there were twenty angry commuters on my bus. they seethed all the way home, while i truly resented the one woman who kept berating our bus driver for the other bus not showing up. like it was her fault. if anything, we should be throwing a naked tiki party for the woman. anyway, she-who-bitches-at-buses was on her little nokia phone, ranting away at whatever poor soul they had working the switchboard at golden gate transit, and immediately i felt awful for wanting to report the missing bus last week. sometimes, buses go missing. i have to learn to relax.

at any rate, all that negativity had rubbed off on me, but it melted away after a few minutes with chad and zen, and then my dad and stepmom called while chad cooked dinner, and within the hour i was smiling again. i even made rice krispies treats which, although lumpy, taste delicious.

quitting while i was ahead, i went to bed at 9.

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