i got my business cards today. granted, they printed the fax number incorrectly, but who the hell ever faxes me anyway? let’s hear it for personalized office products!

i am sending the excessive amounts of nailpolish to dorothy, who assures me it will all have a good home, even the purple and the ridiculous shades of red. (i hope none of these colors cast aspersions on her character; she really is a fine, upstanding fulbright scholar.) unless she protests wildly, i will also be sending along a lump of crazy jewelry i don’t ever remember wearing. the craziest is a humongous purple-and-green fimo rosary. i just don’t know.

i don’t guess any of you want my old clothes, so those will be going to goodwill, unless someone reading this alerts me to a better charity that accepts pseudo-punker fashion silliness.

anyone reading this who has ever loaned me books, and wants them back soon, please let me know now so i can get everything in order to send to you. i have a large cardboard box already started, so don’t be shy!

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