contain your mirth

is it true? can we really be done with the old apartment?

well, no. we still have to remove the furniture that doesn’t fit in the new place. but we are completely out of there, otherwise. it’s good enough for me right now.

on saturday, we took the two hundred and fifty-seven billion plastic grocery bags we had been collecting for unknown purposes to the recycling bin at the store. as i was carrying the bags inside, three escaped and bombled off down the parking lot, leaving me with the realization that only i can litter while attempting to save the planet.

tonight, chad and i were talking after devouring a wonderful homemade pasta dinner. he was – surprise, surprise – teasing me for laughing so loudly, and i blurted out, “what the fuck, am i supposed to contain my mirth?!” which was such a bizarre choice of wording that it caused us both to spaz out laughing.

since we’re sharing a study again, i get to make fun of the shoddy voiceover talent in his computer games. ah, love.

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