ooga booga. this will be quick. things i found while moving today that i forgot i had:

  • things that have been lent to me, that i have set aside in a special box in order to remind myself to return them to their rightful homes
  • more milky gel rollers, and more black post-it notes
  • two grgich hills wine boxes (no wine inside; they’re just cool to store stuff in)
  • an ace of base cd – okay, maybe i shouldn’t have admitted that one
  • enough nailpolish to outfit an acrylic army
  • lots of other cosmetics i’ll never wear (red lipstick) and some i have (silver body glitter)
  • approximately one metric ton of old diaries, journals, poetry notebooks, and similar creatures
  • my watch-o-doom (a casio databank 150 that is low on batteries or i’d be wearing it right now)
we cleaned. god, did we clean. my hands still smell rubbery from the big yellow cleaning gloves. dan helped us tote more stuff out, and it went pretty quickly, although now i’m trashed. exhausted beyond belief. for the past several days, i have been freaking myself out by falling unconscious on the bus. i have tried to keep myself awake, but none of the usual tricks (composing haikus about st:v characters, pinching my leg, trying to remember the lyrics to they might be giants’ songs) have been working. i simply wake up five, ten, thirty minutes later with no recollection of even closing my eyes.

chad tells me this is normal for exhausted people. so previously what i thought was exhaustion, wasn’t; it was just “really tired”. this is exhaustion. and i’m not happy about that.

so, a few more moments on-cam and then i’m going to go nap.

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