aqua, baby

i had all sorts of witty things to write today, but the site was down for most of it. now i am approaching the silly hour, and no good can come of that.

on my lunch break today, i sat on the steps of a nice big building, ate my lunch, and watched people walk by. some of them seemed to have their own stories; others walked by too fast for me to think of anything.

the paycheck mishap was somewhat straightened out, so that i got a check this morning for “the difference” – i have yet to do the math and find out if it really is accurate, although it seems right – and i deposited that bad boy immediately. so bill-paying shall be done tonight. that will make me feel lots better. i may even get my mobile phone out of hock!

next was a trip to walgreens for contact-lens multipurpose solution, generic migraine-fighting medicine, and a glimpse of the aqua-babies display. (for the uninitiated, an “aqua-baby” is a little plastic box filled with water, an aquatic plant, gravel, a snail, and either a tiny frog or two teeny fish. this glorious invention merges two of my favorite things: miniature-ness and creatures.)

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