move this

i am tired of moving. granted, it doesn’t take much for me to be tired of things involving manual labor, but i am still tired.

chad is the moving cheerleader, ringmaster, ringleader, cheermaster, stairmaster, whatever. he is the person who chimes supportively, “only eighty-five more boxes to go!” and “lift that box! tote that box!”

i am the person who whines, “what do you mean, eighty-five more to go?!”

regardless, we got a lot done last night. the bulk of the kitchen (read: appliances, dishes, silverware, foodstuffs) is now in place.

as my reward, i had kraft easymac for dinner! and chad and i just had to make sure the dvd player was hooked up right, so we watched “the sixth sense” too. what a wonderful movie, that i can enjoy it so much the first time and then even more the second.

pacbell hooked up the two phone lines we requested, but all four jacks are wired to one line. if we can afford dsl, we’ll probably just ditch the second line and do that. ah, dealing with pacbell for dsl again. my ears are tingling in anticipation of the lengthy support-line hold-times.

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