isn’t that nice

i wish i could say “this day has flown by” convincingly, but instead i’ll just say “it’s four o’clock in the afternoon, isn’t that nice.”

we passed the silly hour (that’s the hour between three and four in the afternoon) without incident. if i answer a phone roughly every two minutes, that makes approximately 840 calls so far. 840 phone calls. a day. for a kick, i should enter certain developmental goals in a timeline to show you the progress. in brief, one year ago i was avoiding telephones as much as possible. it boggles the mind.

waiting for me at the other end of my day is an incomparably cool human and an incomparably cool cat in a nice, new, just-moved-in clean apartment. can you beat it? can you beat it with a sharp stick? i’d like to see you try.

(not really, please.)

(i’m serious. put the stick down.)

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