I’m going to reveal my Definite Uncoolness with this entry, I can already tell. I don’t like what the word feminism has come to mean. I don’t consider myself a feminist, by what the word means in everyday usage. I’m more of a humanist.

First off, I don’t believe in defeminizing (is that a word?) women in order for women and men to be equal in society. Androgyny, while an interesting concept, is not an ideal I strive towards. I don’t strive towards femininity, either; there should be a balance, rather than a neutralizing, of genders in each human being. I perceive the defeminization of women to be sexism of a sort. Women should be able to be as feminine or as masculine as they want to be, and still be considered female.

My thoughts are unclear on this issue, so this will be a jumbled entry at best. I don’t like the stereotype of a butch lesbian who hates men, or even the stereotype of the heterosexual female who refuses to shave her legs in protest of male oppression. Certainly we live in a lookist society, and certainly there are double-standards that women must strive to … what? Strive to cope with, eradicate, what? Not shaving my legs isn’t going to change anyone’s view of strong females. I actually enjoy shaving my legs, if I can remember to do it. Then again, I don’t hate myself when my leg-hair gets really long. Maybe that’s the difference.

When I was younger, I played with Barbies and I played with Matchbox cars; I collected Glamor Gal dolls and I collected baseball and football cards. My parents never encouraged me to do one over the other; they encouraged both equally. I grew up and was supposed to learn how to shave my legs and to wear a bra. Instead, my mom forbid me from shaving and she bought me a camibra. These things bothered me because I didn’t want to look dumb in front of the other girls, but it didn’t make me a feminist later on. It just made me less worried about body hair and boobs later on. Although I still admit to suffering the self-image woes from time to time.

I don’t know. I know I’m female, and I know females are equal to males, and that’s about it. I hate that Spice Girls “girl power” crap, because it’s just that: crap. That is anti-feminism, to me, just as bad as Rush Limbaugh and his feminazi idiocy. Male-bashing isn’t feminism either. I suppose I won’t be happy until I can be dealt with as a person first, and a woman second. My gender is important to me, and I’m proud to be female, but when I define myself, it’s as a human first, and then a female.

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