πŸ“Ί Started rewatching "Schitt's Creek" while recovering from COVID, and just finished (again). I love it more every time.

Currently reading: A Night In The Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny πŸ“š I did not even know this book existed until last October, when my friend told me about it. Looking forward to reading a chapter each day!

πŸ₯± Closed all three rings for the first time post-COVID! And now, ready to sleep 10 hours.

🌧 So happy to wake up to rain this morning! And the day just got better and better.

Today I have one of everything pumpkin and gluten-free from Trader Joe’s, thanks to @FunkyPlaid.

pile of gluten-free pumpkin treats from Trader Joe's

πŸ₯° So grateful for wonderful people in my life who make the time to cheer me up when I am grieving.

I woke up today rather sad about the date, three years since my beloved Zen died. When I got to work, the Library Phantom had decorated my office with tiny dinosaurs, putting a much-needed smile on my face.

tiny plastic stegosaurus on a wooden bookshelf

😬 As soon as I turned on crossposting for my status log, everything I typed seemed too trivial to share.

I’m intrigued by the call to action from to “for one continuous month, make the focus of one in every three things you share on social media…something other than yourself or your own work”.

πŸͺ trying to revive myself with homemade chocolate chip cookies

🀧 sudden resurgence of COVID symptoms, boo

Getting and recovering from COVID forced me to rest and reset. That’s one good thing that came of it. When I feel tired now, I rest as much as I can. “Pushing through” is foolishness, as it only extends the illness.

β˜• first cuppa today, now ready for a status!

Today @FunkyPlaid plucked a ripe cherry tomato from the vine and gave it to me. πŸ… It was warmed from the sun, and so concentrated I could almost taste it all.

tiny cherry tomatoes on the vine in various stages of ripeness

COVID Diary, Day 10: Smell and taste at 40%. Sneezing has returned, with sore throat. Less coughing, but harder. Only 10 hours of sleep today. Haven’t tested today because, well, I’ve definitely still got it. 😬

COVID Diary, Day 8: Brief glimmers of “not very ill” punctuated by extreme fatigue. Less coughing, no sneezing. Smell and taste occasionally at 10% for minutes at a time. Still sleeping 12 hours a day. Still testing positive.

COVID stole my senses of smell and taste, but it gave me true appreciation of sriracha, the only thing that makes eating enjoyable for me right now.

I could not have wished for a better COVID caretaker than @FunkyPlaid has been this week, despite his own bout with it. I feel fortunate that we dodged it for as long as we did. Now to get through it …

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate my character strengths into my daily life in a more intentional way. I might use a habit tracker to do this. Have you tried something similar? How do you focus on your strengths?

My friend Toby shares how he strives to become a better friend. I’m taking this to heart, as I have so much room for improvement in this realm.

Currently reading: A Brief History of Living Forever by Jaroslav Kalfar πŸ“š “In an authoritarian near-future America obsessed with digital consciousness and eternal life, two long-lost siblings risk everything to save their mother from oblivion.” Yep, I’m hooked.

Still smitten. πŸ–‹ Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi with three different nibs, looking slightly different each time.

ink tests of Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi

πŸ”– Read Even the CDC Is Acting Like the Pandemic Is Functionally Over - The Atlantic: “This new relaxation of COVID rules is one of the most substantial to dateβ€”but it wasn’t spurred by a change in conditions on the ground.”

Today’s backyard harvest. I would ask for your favorite recipe for fresh raspberries, but these aren’t lasting very long before we gobble them up.

white bowl full of red raspberries

I can’t decide if Nathan Fielder’s “The Rehearsal” is brilliant or horrible. It may be both. (I did not watch “Nathan for You” first, which may have been a tactical error.)

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