Great turnout at the Tigard Juneteenth celebration today, despite multiple downpours! I’m hilariously bad at remembering to take photos during events, but I did get one of the pretty balloons and sign.

Bonita Park sign decorated with black, green, yellow, and red balloons, next to a Tigard Juneteenth sign

The only photo I managed to take at Tigard Pride last Sunday was of a tiny snippet of chalk art. But it’s a good one. 🏳️‍🌈

chalk art that says Make a Path for the Next Generation

Bright pink peonies in the garden. Our garden. Of our new house. It doesn’t seem real quite yet, but I imagine lugging several hundred books and two skittish kitties across town will fix that.

bright pink peonies

Upheaval. Saying goodbye to cherished coworkers who are flying away to other opportunities. How much of my sadness during the past two years have I wrapped so tightly in denial, in “pushing through”?

Today a friend showed me Howbout, a charming app for planning get-togethers with friends. In less than five minutes our group had created a poll, voted, and planned our next socially-distanced hangout. I’m impressed!

Today I did something I’m not very good at – recording a video with someone I admire and respect – and I dearly hope that the final product shows just how amazing a librarian and person she is. Any tips for an amateur video editor?

I got angry this morning, and wanted to listen to angry music to feel better, but I don’t have an angry music playlist. This seems like a huge oversight on my part. Suggestions? (Also, yes, the oversight made me even angrier.)

My beloved Sash Bag is out of commission because a pen leaked inside it. And it wasn’t even a fountain pen; it was a Pilot G-2 mini gel pen, and sadly this is not the first time it has happened, so I’m going to stop using them. The end of an era!

The Anti-Racism Daily newsletter’s Sunday issue has resources on the Buffalo attack, including Black-led organizations in Buffalo that we can support. Donating is something tangible that we can do in the wake of horrific tragedy like this.

Years ago, I won a Pelikan P205 with a broad nib in a giveaway, but never really used it. Kirk Speer of Pen Realm gave it a Broad Architect custom grind today, and I love it! 🖋 It was so fun meeting Kirk and witnessing his skill in action.

block lettering in bold blue ink that reads Pelikan P205 Broad Architect Grind by Kirk Speer (Pen Realm) Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

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