Today I did something I’m not very good at – recording a video with someone I admire and respect – and I dearly hope that the final product shows just how amazing a librarian and person she is. Any tips for an amateur video editor?

I got angry this morning, and wanted to listen to angry music to feel better, but I don’t have an angry music playlist. This seems like a huge oversight on my part. Suggestions? (Also, yes, the oversight made me even angrier.)

My beloved Sash Bag is out of commission because a pen leaked inside it. And it wasn’t even a fountain pen; it was a Pilot G-2 mini gel pen, and sadly this is not the first time it has happened, so I’m going to stop using them. The end of an era!

The Anti-Racism Daily newsletter’s Sunday issue has resources on the Buffalo attack, including Black-led organizations in Buffalo that we can support. Donating is something tangible that we can do in the wake of horrific tragedy like this.

Years ago, I won a Pelikan P205 with a broad nib in a giveaway, but never really used it. Kirk Speer of Pen Realm gave it a Broad Architect custom grind today, and I love it! 🖋 It was so fun meeting Kirk and witnessing his skill in action.

block lettering in bold blue ink that reads Pelikan P205 Broad Architect Grind by Kirk Speer (Pen Realm) Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Secret swan at Bosky Dell Natives, a nursery specializing in PNW plants. 🌿 We visited today to choose plants for the library’s rock garden.

swan statue partially hidden in lush foliage

I am confident that there are better uses of my limited brain cells than storing the entirety of Dana Carvey’s “Choppin' Broccoli” skit, over three decades later, but here we are.

I am overdue for a haircut, but I keep pushing my appointment date out due to the local spike in COVID cases, so I guess I’ll succumb to my inevitable final form as a wandering crone housing small woodland creatures in her tangled mane.

The phase of COVID close-calls

In the middle of the workday on Wednesday, I came down with the creeping crud rather suddenly. Coughing, sneezing, headache, congestion, fatigue … the works. I scheduled a PCR test for the next morning and drove home on a jarring mixture of fatigue and nervousness, certain I had finally succumbed to the plague. It took a day and a half to get the result, but it was negative. Still, days later, I don’t feel significantly better, and I’m wondering if I should schedule another PCR test or just ride it out.

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Criminy and Crivens make me so happy. They’re such lovey, gentle souls. When I am feeling rotten, I give one a cuddle and everything is a little better.

adorable brown and white tabby cat named Criminyadorable brown tabby cat named Crivens

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